Inclusive yet contested, imbued with simultaneity of interactions, plazas have always been a site of congregation and conversation, a festival at times and parades at others. They have been the heart of interactions, exchange, as well as commerce. It is a composition of cacophony, showing possibilities of multiplicity.

Hence our name, Plaza Projects. A space where artists have the opportunities to practice and manifest their imaginations. We are dedicated to the dissemination, discussion, and realization of contemporary art. Exhibitions, talks, events, and other projects are developed with emerging and established artists, providing space for experimentation, research, and practice. Furthermore, creating an inter-generational as well as multidisciplinary discourse.

Located in the Aberdeen Square mall in Richmond as a non-profit artist space, Plaza Projects aims to show an alternative in a commercial context, to shift a site of consumption to a site of dialogue.

We embrace our conditions of precarity with a space that exists only temporarily; negotiated for the occupation in the mall for the duration of one year with no rent. After that period the space is returned to the market for lease.