showcases the slipping signifiers and ever eluding originality, the core of fashion. Nue, latin for or not, and not is the essence of the lack of origin, it is new, yet simultaneously neu.

This collection reconfigures this continuum by proposing a negotiation of artworks and clothing stores inside Aberdeen Square, the location of our exhibition space. Dissecting and recon- figuring signifiers in fashion as well as how they are displayed, re-contextualizing them between art and commerce. The exhibition takes place simultaneously in Plaza Projects as well as collaborating stores. Products, processes and residues visible in all components of the mall.



Lyse Lemieux, Maria Lagimodiere, Jane Q Cheng, Nadya Isabella, Jack Morris,
Marika Vandekraats, Olga Abeleva, Shizen Jambor, Julie Mills, Nathaniel Ferguson, Katelyn Richard, Khan Lee, Karen Kraven, Robin Sparkes, Jialing Zhong, and 730 Assemble



Steven Tong, and Pongsakorn Yananissorn


May 13th – June 20th 2017