How to Read

The windows are shut yet the curtains are drawn back.

How to Read a Window is a response to an overwhelming pressure of bureaucracy and censorship, its effects on knowledge, information, and dissemination.

The exhibition is organized in the face of the mall’s termination of Plaza Projects before the contract is fulfilled. We are prohibited from creating a gathering of people, of becoming a public space. The works are installed so that the exhibition is viewable despite the gallery being closed. Surrounded by glass windows, the works play on ideas of access and what is seen in a closed space. In effect the gallery is closed but the show still goes on.

Accompanying the exhibition are readings by Donato Mancini and Alex Bovril on August the 19th in the adjacent food court.



Louis Cabri, Donato Mancini, Carey Ann Schaefer, Alex Bovril, and Bernadette Phan


Steven Tong and Pongsakorn Yananissorn


19/08/2017 – 1/09/2017