Peer Pressure

Though the narratives of art history often provide tidy tales of artistic practices and progressions, the realities are often messy and ambiguous. Artists derive their influences and inspirations in their experiences as much in dialogue with each other as the world at large. This exhibition features works by artists from the art space, Duplex. It is a site where the sometimes conflicting activity of artistic production and exhibition making are embraced, a site for the production works and a platform for other artist to find their voice.

Peer Pressure is an important part of the formation for artistic discourse. The influences of one’s peers as interlocutors to argue against enriches and enlivens the artist’s practice even if it’s seldom acknowledged.


Tom Richardson, Gabi Dao, Susanna Browne, Katrina Niebergal, Jonathan Middleton, Madison Killough, Jordan Milner, Scott Lewis, Stephan Wright, Laura Piasta, Stephanie Aitken, Scott Kemp, Johan Bjorck, Steve Hubert, Meghann Hubert, Megan Hepburn, Roland Meyer, Kathleen Taylor, and Kara Hansen.


Steven Tong and Pongsakorn Yananissorn


14 January 2017 – 20 February 2017